BRAVE Workers. How to promote products Made-in-Ukraine.

Welcome to the online course "BRAVE Workers. How to promote products Made-in-Ukraine" designed for salespeople interested in promoting the export of Made-in-Ukraine products from Ukrainian factories. This course is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote Ukrainian products and increase their export effectively.

The course will be conducted over a period of 4 weeks and will consist of a total of 8 lessons. Each lesson will cover a specific topic related to promoting Made-in-Ukraine products and include lectures, case studies, and practical exercises.

Responsible Alex
Last Update 02/03/2023
Completion Time 1 hour 30 minutes
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  • Week 1: Setting up for Success
    • Preview
    • IT setup of VOIP services and other necessary software
    • Introduction to CRM services and its importance for managing leads and customers
    • Importance of tracking communication with leads and customers
  • Week 2: Understanding the Products
    • Understanding the Made-in-Ukraine products and their unique selling points
    • Building a relationship with Ukrainian factories
    • Understanding the production process and quality control
    • Pricing strategies for Made-in-Ukraine products
  • Week 3: Logistics and Legal Overview
    • The importance of delivery and logistics in exporting Made-in-Ukraine products
    • Understanding Incoterms and their application in international trade
    • Legal overview of exporting Made-in-Ukraine products
    • Cultural considerations and business etiquette in different countries
  • Week 4: Financial Transactions and Payment Modes
    • Overview of payment modes and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Understanding foreign currency transactions and their risks
    • Strategies for managing financial risks in international trade
    • Building a successful business relationship with customers and suppliers through efficient payment modes
  • Final Project:
    • Applying the concepts learned in the course to develop a plan for promoting and exporting Made-in-Ukraine products
    • Presenting the plan to the instructor and receiving feedback and recommendations